Surf Rescue Certificate

If you are at least 13 then you can obtain your Surf Rescue Certificate. This award will allow you to be a part of the patrols on Scarborough Beach. The SRC certificate is not only for members under 15, it is also a great way to prepare for a Bronze Medallion if you are new to surf, not such a strong swimmer or want to help with water safety for your children during Sunday mornings and junior carnivals.

Before commencing training you are required to complete a 200 meter swim in 5 minutes or less, in a swimming pool of no less than 25 metres. Training will involve surf awareness, basic first aid, resuscitation, surf skills, rescue techniques and patrols.

Bronze Medallion

If you join Scarboro Surf Club as a patrolling member, you will need to have the Bronze Medallion award if you are 15 years or over. Every season we conduct Bronze courses that are open to active members. If you are new to the club this is a great way to get to know people.

The Bronze medallion is the benchmark for a surf lifesaver. This award is open to all members over the age of 15 and involves training in surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures, emergency care as well as anatomy and physiology.

A reasonable level of fitness is required as candidates will be involved in simulated ocean rescues (and do real rescues once qualified) using various types of rescue equipment. Before commencing training you are required to complete a 400 meter swim in 9 minutes or less, in a swimming pool of no less than 25 meters. Once this competency is completed, qualified instructors will train you to the level of a proficient lifesaver. All you need to do is have the right attitude and commitment to training.

Most courses have a duration of 6 weeks and involve 2 x 2 hour sessions a week (usually 1 theory at night & 1 practical session in the morning on the weekend). On completion of training all candidates are required to attend a compulsory assessment that will involve demonstrating competency in all the skills you have learnt. Successfully completing the course requires commitment and application.

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive their Bronze Medallion. In order to be able to patrol (and gain hours towards competition), online learning needs to be completed during the course and you will receive on the job training via a patrol induction and introduction to the clubrooms and gear and equipment shed. Once you gain your Bronze Medallion your commitment to the Club entails performing your allocated roster of hours in addition to the hours mandated by SLSA if you wish to compete at State or National level. The patrolling season runs from October to March each year and your average commitment is around 32 hours over the summer (including the 16 hours required to compete).

Courses are scheduled three times each season commencing in mid August, so if you are interested in any of these courses please contact the Club. There is a small cost involved to cover resources and national accreditation fees.

Further Awards

Once you have gained your Bronze Medallion you can further enhance your surf lifesaving skills by undertaking courses for the following awards:

  • ARTC – Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate
  • IRB crew certificate
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Spinal Management Certificate
  • Pain Management Certificate
  • Radio Operators Certificate
  • Training Officer Certificate
  • Assessor Certificate
  • Silver Medallion – IRB Driver
  • Silver Medallion – Patrol Captain
  • Gold Medallion

Proficiency Requirements

Once you have obtained a surf education award it is often necessary to undertake a proficiency to ensure you up to date with any changes affecting the award. Proficiency requirements for each award are detailed below and dates/times for proficiencies will be made available through the Club.

  • Bronze Medallion – annually
  • Surf Rescue Certificate – annually
  • ARTC – Annually
  • IRB Driver or Crew – annually
  • Patrol Captain – Silver Medallion – every 3 years
  • Senior First Aid – every 3 years
  • Trainer and/or Assessor – attend annual in-service conference
  • Gold Medallion – annually

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