Swimming is a training method that incorporates core fitness, strength and conditioning. At our club swimming is not a hugely competitive discipline.

We have swimming sessions for all club members at Bold Park Aquatic Centre on Monday and Wednesdays. We try to encourage all members/ new bronze medallion members to use the swimming sessions as the framework for their fitness. We have Junior sessions at Bold Park Aquatic Centre on Wednesdays just before the senior session. The club has “in’s and out’s” swimming sessions on Friday afternoons at the beach (just in front of the club).

All year around we have an adult swim squad that trains at Bold Park. Monday and Wednesday Nights 6 – 7pm.

In Winter

Polar Bears is our ocean swimming club on Sunday mornings, there is never a morning too cold for a big swim. The course is: out to the buoys and in again, roughly 400m in total. We have volunteers to time on the beach.

In Summer

The Sunday swimming club continues from the Winter but also includes an optional sand run.

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