Rescue & Resuscitation (R & R)

Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R, RnR) is a challenging team event, based on the traditional method of rescuing a patient from the surf, administering health checks, then followed by a simulated resuscitation process.  It is a great base for quality life savers and their prime activity on the beach.

For ages Under 10 to Under 15 there is a beach-based introductory 2 Person event, with members drawing for position (patient and rescuer) at each competition, so they each have to know both positions very well.

Under 15 competitors are also introduced to the traditional rescue equipment, the reel, line and belt, with which a team can retrieve a patient from the surf.  Under 15 competitors stay close to the beach but learn many skills in the water.  Positions are set.

For Under 17, 19 and Open competitors a competitive belt race swim is introduced, and the beach positions become far more demanding.  In the Open 6 Person the swimming patient is nominated but there is a ballot for the two swimming positions and separately for the three beach positions.

Coach/es: Doug McGhie and Jill Briggs

Training sessions will be scheduled for each team and may be in the morning before school and work or in the afternoon, after these are completed.  Weekend sessions will also be programmed.  As a team event all members must be able to train each session, and these will be programmed with the members. S wimmers should train independently with their coaches.  Swimmers are very important in all events from Under 17 upwards.  Good swimmers win medals for their teams.


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