Patrol Information

Scarboro SLSC patrols Scarborough and Brighton Beaches on weekends and public holidays from October to April. On weekdays the patrols are carried out by City of Stirling lifeguards, visit the “quick links” for the City Of Stirling website.

All Scarboro SLSC patrols are run by volunteers, with an active member patrolling half a day roughly every 4 weeks. Patrol members are responsible for ensuring the safety of all swimmers and beachgoers within our patrol areas. When attending patrol, your duties will involve:

  • Observing swimmers & other water users
  • Attending to minor first aid cases
  • Radio operations
  • Performing rescues as necessary

All patrols are done voluntarily. It is a great way to give back to your community.

Each patrol member must stand out by wearing the distinctive red and yellow patrol uniform which consists of red shorts, yellow shirt, red and yellow quarter cap and a red hat. The uniforms are supplied to you by the club.  Patrols are rostered for Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays during the summer season.

Patrol Requirements

Patrol Teams & Dates 2023-24

Patrol Roster 2023/24 Season

Patrol Teams 2023/24

More Information

Patrol Operations Manual

Beach Operations Plan

Any queries relating to patrols please contact our Life Saving Officer:

Terry Colby on:

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