Beach Running

Running is part of almost all surf sports events, whether it be starting and finishing a race, the long run or the sprint and flag events, as well as relays. Running is also valuable in lifesaving situations.

Running with a group is encouraging and can complement other training you do. We have a great group of regular runners, and we are always welcoming of new members. Why not come and try it for yourself?

The beach running space at Scarboro is evolving so if you want to be involved or think you have a skill to offer, please reach out.

Coach/es: Jose Desfosses, Kathy Watson, Christie Jones

Contact: Christie Jones

The 4 Main Beach Arena Events

Beach Sprint

The Beach Sprint is run over 90m (70m for Masters & U11-U14) on the beach. A similar design to that of a track run, it has lane ropes laid out on the sand with competitors digging their own blocks in the sand to start in.

Beach Relay

The beach relay is comprised of 4 runners who each run a 90m (70m for Masters & U11-U14) leg each. A rubber hose is used as the batton and unlike track relays, the batons are changed in a face to face position.


Flags is a tactical event with competitors lying belly down in the sand, hands on wrists and ankles touching. When a whistle is blown the competitor must get up off the sand, turn the opposite direction and run 20m (15m for Masters & U11-U14) to dive for a hose in the sand. There is always at least 1 less hose than the number of competitors and who ever does not retrieve a hose, is eliminated.

2km Beach Run

The 2km beach run is held on sand and other than ensuring that they run around designated flags, competitors can choose whether or not to run on wet or dry sand.

The “No Break” rule applies to all these events, the same as Athletics. If you break you are out.

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