Board Paddling is a very strong discipline within our club. Many new Bronze Medallion/Surf Rescue Certificate holders turn to board paddling as a natural progression from the skills they acquire during their award training. We have had board paddlers compete all over Australia and in all age groups from juniors to masters.

Board paddling is a mixture of paddling on your knees and laying down. The racing mals are made with a combination of carbon fibre and epoxy making them light and durable. Racing mals are generally around the 8-9.5ft mark in length and come complete with knee grip and handles. Racing mals are a little more difficult to stay on than a “Surf Rescue Board”, as they are lighter, narrower and are different mould (to exert speed for racing).

Surf Rescue Board

Our patrols use another type of board in rescue situations called a “Surf Rescue Board” which are a lot wider that can support a life saver and patient to the beach safely and efficiently.

Board Training

We offer Long Board Training for Competitors on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at  5.50am-7am.  This incorporates fitness training as well as board skills. Our coaches are all level 1 and 2 Coaches.

We also offer junior board training sessions that will commencing in November for short boards.

Board Training incorporates open water paddling around the buoys, running and “in’s and out’s” (to improve confidence getting in and out of the surf).

Interested in becoming Board Paddler?

You will need to sign up as a member first and get your Bronze Medallion. We only run 3 Bronze Medallion courses a surf club season: June to June.

Got your Bronze Medallion at another club?

Organize your transfer today by filling out a membership form and letting us know what club you are coming from.

More Information

Contact our board captain for any further information here

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